Presidents Day Special 2021

This is a post that I intend to do every year where I rank all of the Presidents that I consider to be rankable. I do not rank William Henry Harrison or James Garfield, as I believe that their terms were too brief to be judged. I do not rank any current president, as they haven’t yet completed their term, so such a ranking would be unfair. Furthermore, I refrain from ranking presidents that I see as being to recent, as enough time has not yet passed to get a good perspective on their presidency. Although I don’t generally agree with the mainstream presidential polls, the massive rise in rankings that both Eisenhower and Reagan have enjoyed since their initial rankings does back me up on this position. In the future new Presidents will be added as well as possible changes within the rankings as new information is learned and new events happen, which can change a Presidents standing. Without further ado here are my 2021 Presidents Day presidential rankings.

#1 George Washington

#2 Dwight Eisenhower

#3 Abraham Lincoln

#4 Ronald Reagan

#5 Harry Truman

#6 Ulysses Grant

#7 William McKinley

#8 James Madison

#9 George H W Bush

#10 Warren Harding

#11 John Tyler

#12 James Monroe

#13 Calvin Coolidge

#14 Benjamin Harrison

#15 John F Kennedy

#16 Thomas Jefferson

#17 Millard Fillmore

#18 George W Bush

#19 Chester Arthur

#20 Bill Clinton

#21 Rutherford B Hayes

#22 Richard Nixon

#23  James Polk

#24 Gerald Ford

#25 Franklin Roosevelt

#26  Zachary Taylor

#27 William Howard Taft

#28 John Quincy Adams

#29 Herbert Hoover

#30  John Adams

#31 Franklin Pierce

#32   Theodore Roosevelt

#33 Lyndon Johnson

#34 Jimmy Carter

#35 Andrew Johnson

#36 Grover Cleveland

#37 James Buchanan

#38 Martin Van Buren

#39 Andrew Jackson

#40 Woodrow Wilson

As you can see, I added George W Bush to the rankings just inside the top half of presidents at 18th overall. I still believe that not enough time has passed to judge Barack Obama or Donald Trump. There are also several other changes within the rankings. I have come to believe that I was too hard on a few Presidents, and thus their rankings have been moved up. Andrew Johnson was moved up three positions from the bottom because he actually had a pretty good economic and foreign policies, even though I still believe he was wholly unfit to be president. These two aspects do need to be weighed in his overall position, which moves him past three others that previously ranked ahead of him. Lyndon Johnson moves up for his support for civil rights, though I believe he did so begrudgingly and only out of political expediency, he supported them none the less. With John Adams I focused too much on the bad Sedition Act and his pushing for war with France. He did pull back and eventually secured peace with France, and outside of the Sedition Act, he really wasn’t all that offensive as Presidents. Others simply did far more damage to have him mired in the bottom five. As for Theodore Roosevelt, I still believe his gunboat diplomacy and circumvention of Congress was bad, but once again, others were far worse than Teddy. Jimmy Carter dropped five spaces, partly due to others moving up, but also because he was worse than I first believed. Carter was complicit in the overthrow of the Shah of Iran. I previously only thought that he had abandoned a friend, but the fact is he actually pushed for the takeover.

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