Presidential Rankings

Upon reading several presidential rankings online I have decided to post my own rankings here. I will be adding atleast one new president weekly to the ranking. I will only consider things that were done as president and the effects of those actions. There will be given no wieght to accomplishments done either before or after thier presidency, as many raters often do. I will also judge the entire presidency and judge all presidents on the same standard. Many rankers tend to get caught up on one aspect of a certain presidency, and ignore the rest. I will being doing a count down style ranking, going from worst to best.

There are four presidents i will not be ranking: William Henry Harrison, James Garfield, George W Bush & Barack Obama. My reasoning for these exclusions is as follows, both Harrison Garfield didn’t serve long enough to bee ranked.Barack Obama has not finished his term yet, so to rank him yet would not be fair. Enough time has not passed to give an accurate historical ranking of Bush.

#24 William Howard Taft

#25 Zachary Taylor

#26 John Quincy Adams

#27 James Polk

#28 Jimmy Carter

#29 Herbert Hoover

#30 Franklin Pierce

#31 Grover Cleveland

#32 James Buchanan

#33 Martin Van Buren                                                                                

#34 John Adams           

#35 Theodore Roosevelt


#37 Andrew Johnson

#38 Andrew Jackson

#39 Woodrow Wilson


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